Ryan Fitzpatrick’s postgame attire is the outfit this game deserved (Video)

Ryan Fitzpatrick has eclipsed Cam Newton in terms of postgame wardrobe swag.

Ryan Fitzpatrick may call it the Senior Citizen Look, but we call it amazing.

The Miami Dolphins starting quarterback won The Battle of the Razor’s Edge over Gardner Minshew‘s Jacksonville Jaguars. A noble man, he told everyone watching the Thursday Night Football postgame Minshew doesn’t have to shave after the loss. Rocking god’s pajamas or looking like he’s going to a 1980s shoot for films you must be 18 years old to watch, here you go.

This might be the greatest display of Big Dad Energy to ever grace Earth.

We know about the beard, but were you prepared for the copious amount of chest hair? I mean, you were shocked about FitzMagic owning a chest pelt on par with what Austin Powers had back in the day. Oh, behave, baby. Fitzpatrick perfectly encapsulated Elvis Presley lounge wear with Florida Man vibes to that of a champion. He didn’t have to borrow this from DeSean Jackson.

It may be after Labor Day, but it took some serious stones to wear white pants, especially as you approach 38 years old. The last time most of us wore white pants was during our youth baseball days. There are no grass stains on those bottoms that would make The Dude, Man jealous. If only FitzMagic had a pair of clear Jellies on. His technicolor top really ties the chest hair together.

Though it is a bit tacky to dress with this much swagger after beating what we thought was the NFL worst team at the start of the season, this is NFL football in Florida. It always has been and always will be tacky. In the midst of a teal out, Fitzpatrick let his beard out and his chest hair out, emerging as a North Florida champion and a more graceful chewer of gum than Pete Carroll.

What we saw on display Thursday night was what supreme quarterbacking excellence is all about. You use the run to open up the pass, you play off it with play-action, you make timely throws and you don’t turn the ball over. It’s a tried and true recipe towards achieving success. So why not dress it up a bit with the only costume worth wearing this Halloween?: The Senior Citizen Look.

He told his wife to put his kids to bed wearing that. Who does he think he is? Ryan Fitzpatrick, duh.

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