Joe Montana stops home intruder from stealing away his grandchild

A frightening scene took place recently for San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana, as he had to subdue someone who broke into his house and tried to steal his grandchild.

Joe Montana just went through one of the biggest scares of his life, and even if you hate the San Francisco 49ers, you’ve got to feel for the guy after reading the latest incident that he and his family had to go through.

According to TMZ, an intruder broke into the home the Montanas were staying at this week, and was able to snatch Montana’s grandchild away from another person. The home intruder then went to a different part of the home with Montana’s grandchild, before Montana and his wife confronted the unnamed 39-year-old woman.

Per TMZ, the woman fled the scene and the police were called. She was arrested soon after. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Joe Montana and his wife wrestled their grandchild back from the home intruder, who has since been arrested

Police sources close to TMZ informed them that Montana and his wife actually had to wrestle their grandchild away from the woman who broke into their house. Fortunately, police were in the area on a different call and were able to pick the woman up shortly she ran out of the Montana home.

She’s been arrested on both burglary and kidnapping charges. Montana’s grandchild is also safe and sound, but the family is obviously and understandably shaken after such a traumatic event.

Montana, a Hall of Fame quarterback, was fortunate they were able to identify the woman was a stranger and had no business holding the baby in the first place. This story appears to have a much happier ending than what potentially could have happened.

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