Patrick Mahomes makes NFL history against Ravens

Patrick Mahomes is the fastest quarterback in NFL history to reach 10,000 yards passing.

It took Patrick Mahomes 34 games to rack up more than 10,000 career passing yards. That’s the fastest any quarterback has reached that mark in NFL history.

Mahomes crossed the line with a completion to Travis Kelce, according to the Chiefs PR account.

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ Monday Night Football matchup against the Baltimore Ravens turned into a big opportunity for Mahomes to show off. He rushed for the opening touchdown and hit receivers for three scores in the first half alone.

Patrick Mahomes wasted no time getting to 10,000 yards passing.

Mahomes was halfway there after his rookie season when he threw for 5,097 yards. That’s why it didn’t take many yards in 2020 to take his numbers above 10,000, even after missing several weeks of the 2019 season.

The achievement shows Mahomes’ prolific ability as well as the fast start he has managed in just two full NFL seasons and change.

Then again, it was clear Mahomes could pack stats back in college at Texas Tech, where he had 11,252 yards in three seasons. In his final campaign, he had 5,052 yards and 41 touchdowns. That’s the very reason Air Raid quarterbacks are often derided for their dependence on the “system.” But Mahomes has totally broken that mold. Not only has he produced big numbers, but he’s won a ton as well.

Already, Mahomes has a Super Bowl ring and an NFL MVP Award. He’s a two-time Pro Bowler and should have even more bright days to come.

At this rate, Mahomes could pass Drew Brees’ career record for passing yards in a flash. The New Orleans Saints Hall-of-Famer has 78,176 yards on the board. Give Mahomes another decade or so and a few more 5,000-yard seasons and he’ll get there.

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