Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans

CBS being told Steelers-Titans game will be on Monday night

It sounds like the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Tennessee Titans will be on Monday night.

CBS has been imformed to call the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Tennessee Titans game on Monday.

The game was originally postponed from being played on Sunday, Oct. 4 due to four players on the Titans roster testing positive for COVID-19, as well as a few members of their organization. Pittsburgh has practiced as if they were playing this game in Nashville this week. Tennessee’s Week 3 opponent in the Minnesota Vikings have not have a single positive test thus far.

With the NFL in charge here, we’re not shocked this game will be played.

This is the first game the NFL has to implement its coronavirus positivity protocols. Moving it back to Monday makes sense if the NFL intends to play this game in Week 4. If they want to go back as far as Tuesday, Wednesday or maybe even Thursday, they might be able to do this. If this game cannot be played, they may look to reschedule it later or just go the winning percentage route.

All we know in the age of the coronarvirus is to expect the unexpected. We got through the the MLB regular season, we crowned a champion in the NHL and the NBA will crown a champion here in a few weeks. Nothing will be prefect this year, and the NFL is well aware of that. Until we get a vaccine, this might be part of our lives for a while. Hopefully, this game gets played at some point.

We don’t know what time the game will be played, but it certainly sounds like it’ll be on Monday.

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