Sam Darnold tried to save Adam Gase’s job with his own two feet (Video)

Sam Darnold will be damned if Adam Gase gets fired on his own watch.

It is a losing battle, but Sam Darnold was not giving up on head coach Adam Gase without a fight.

In a game that deserves to live being a paywall to protect the young, somebody has to win this game of utter rancidness between a pair of 0-3 teams in the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. The word on the street is if the Jets fall to 0-4, it will be Gase’s last game leading Gang Green. Though Darnold deserves better, he went all ‘not today, Satan’ on this 46-yard touchdown turn.

If this proves to be THE highlight of the Jets’ season, we’d be okay with that.

As Darnold somehow avoided being sack near midfield, he frankly looked like he couldn’t believe he was about to score a touchdown with his own two feet on a semi-nationally televised game. As he was losing oxygen on the run, he hit a state of pure euphoria equivalent to running train on the Arizona Wildcats back in his USC Trojans days. He should stayed in school and not go to the Jets.

The only other team in football who has been as atrocious through three weeks besides the Broncos and the Jets are the New York Giants. Let’s be real. If the Giants took Darnold at No. 2 in the 2018 NFL Draft instead of Saquon Barkley, they wouldn’t be any better than they are right now. At least Darnold doesn’t fumble the football at will like Daniel Jones does for the G-Men.

Unless Gase and Broncos head coach Vic Fangio “agree” to a gentlemen’s forfeit, someone is going to win this game. If we are forced to get a stupid awkward tie like Doug Pederson‘s Philadelphia Eagles gave us on Sunday vs. Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, we demand sudden death between these two AFC bottom-feeders. They don’t need to play football, but we need a winner.

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The good news for the Jets is you’re really close to rock bottom right now, so you can only really go up from here. Though you might be in position to draft Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall out of Clemson University in the 2021 NFL Draft, well, you still have Darnold who can show flashes of brilliance like he did just now on a bewildered Broncos defense. Maybe the Broncos pick No. 1?

Fate would have it Darnold hurt his shoulder on the very next series for the Jets, so that’s great.

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