Bears don’t deserve Allen Robinson, and he doesn’t deserve them (Video)

Plays like this make us wish Allen Robinson played somewhere else.

The Chicago Bears are the latest team to not get the most out of Allen Robinson‘s talent.

From Christian Hackenberg in college with the Penn State Nittany Lions, to Blake Bortles on the Jacksonville Jaguars, to Mitchell Trubisky and now Nick Foles on the Bears, if we could give Robinson a hug for being subjected to such routinely horrendous quarterback play, we so would. Just look at the cool stuff he does when you throw him the ball. He needs a better quarterback.

If Allen Robinson played with a Pro Bowl quarterback, he’d be a Hall of Famer

Robinson has swiftly taken the torch from the recently retired Brandon Marshall as the best wide receiver who can never have a great quarterback spiraling him the ball. Marshall amassed 970 receptions for 12,351 yards and 83 touchdowns in 13 NFL seasons without great quarterback play. Yes, he briefly played with Eli Manning and Drew Brees, but that was at the end of his career.

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Unfortunately, Robinson is slated to follow the same NFL career path as Marshall. We can only hope his Hall-of-Fame talent can eventually find a Pro Bowl-level quarterback to bring the very best out of him. The Bears could only score 11 points at home vs. Philip Rivers on his last legs as a professional with the Indianapolis Colts. Robinson deserves to play with a top-10 quarterback.

If Robinson played with someone as good as Jimmy Garoppolo, he’d be his team’s George Kittle.

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