Aaron Rodgers is amazing and we have the stats to prove it

Aaron Rodgers is flexing on everyone in 2020 with outstanding numbers.

Aaron Rodgers has found another level in 2020, starting the season with flawless performances to remind everyone just how good he can be. It was more of the same as the Green Bay Packers took on the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football.

The lasting takeaway from the Green Bay-Atlanta game may ultimately be Rodgers’ celebration after his second touchdown of the night. If you haven’t seen “the flex seen ’round the internet” then you’re missing out.

Still, there was a lot more to Rodgers’ performance on Monday Night Football than just the memes that came out of it.

Rodgers continued to play at an absurdly high level.

Aaron Rodgers is enjoying life with a new head coach apparently

The Packers have gone 3-0 in the early stages of Matt LaFleur’s tenure as head coach, and on Monday night they were well on their way to making it 4-0.

Rodgers came out swinging and delivered for his head coach by throwing three touchdowns for 228 yards in the first half.

As ESPN Stats and Info pointed out, the multi-touchdown performance in the opening half was his third of the 2020 campaign. Last year, Rodgers had three such showings in the entire season.

The Packers quarterback has completed 14 quarters so far this season. He has 12 touchdowns, zero interceptions, 1,115 yards, a completion percentage of 69.5 and a quarterback rating of 127.6, per Jason Wilde.

Reminder: Seven of those quarters were played without Davante Adams, the best receiver the Packers have.

It was clear Rodgers was done with Mike McCarthy by the time that marriage ended. It’s just so refreshing to see him energized and dominating as he should. It should be even more fun to see just how far this revived version of Rodgers can take the Packers. Watch out, NFL.

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