Brett Favre believes Josh Allen can be the next Tom Brady

Brett Favre believes Josh Allen is approaching true greatness.

Josh Allen has been absolutely dominating opposing defenses so far in 2020. The Buffalo Bills are 4-0 and Allen looks like an MVP candidate with 1,326 passing yards and 15 total touchdowns. He has only thrown one interception and only trails Dak Prescott atop the passing yards leaderboard.

Allen arguably took the most criticism of any quarterback in his draft class. Negative takes followed him since the day he was drafted and he is proving everyone wrong this year.

That has gotten the attention of a legend of the game in Brett Favre. He made a recent radio appearance and gave Allen quite the compliment.

Favre sees a little Tom Brady in Josh Allen

There is some context to Favre saying he sees Allen as the next version of Tom Brady. He followed that statement up by saying Allen should be dominating the AFC East, as Brady did. It may be too much of a stretch to say Favre expects Allen to launch a dynasty in Buffalo.

This is only Allen’s third NFL season. He was thrust into the starting role as a rookie and then led the Bills to the playoffs last season. The quarterback also ran for over 500 yards in each of his first two seasons. He has been putting up solid numbers, it just comes down to giving him the proper credit.

The conversation with Favre also touches on how it takes time for some players to mature. That is especially true for quarterbacks and Favre himself. The Green Bay Packers legend was traded away by the Atlanta Falcons and that could have shattered his confidence. Instead, he became the starter in Green Bay and saw improvement with time.

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Allen is a long way from being in the same tier of quarterback as Brady. However, getting praise like this from a legendary quarterback shows the young Bills gunslinger is gaining more positive attention.

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