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Tom Brady is the only one surprised Bill O’Brien got fired

Tom Brady clearly did not pay close attention to Bill O’Brien’s tenure in Houston.

Bill O’Brien was the first coach to lose his job this season and it only took four games. Houston Texans leadership saw enough and lost not only a coach, but the general manager as well in one swift move.

O’Brien’s firing is a major storyline and the topic was brought up to Tom Brady during an interview he did with Westwood One. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback sounded perplexed as to why the Texans would move on so early in the year.

Tom Brady supports Bill O’Brien

Brady and O’Brien worked together with the New England Patriots from 2007-11. The coach then left for Penn State before ending up in Houston. If anything, it should be a shock O’Brien lasted so long after failing to win a single postseason game since joining the organization in 2014.

Then came all the bad trades, which reached new heights this season with the move to send DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals.

Brady saying it doesn’t make sense to fire O’Brien after four games is a fair point. That one is on the Texans organization for letting things get so bad. Now Romeo Crennel faces the tough task of rallying an 0-4 football team to not give up so early in the season.

It would have been a shock for Brady to come out and say he expected O’Brien to get fired. All his memories of their shared time together involved plenty of winning in New England. A more fascinating question for Brady would be to ask why coaches fail on their own once they leave Bill Belichick.

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However, that question may hit too close to home as Brady looks to prove he can still compete for a Super Bowl outside of Belichick’s system.

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