Titans should have to forfeit after breaking COVID protocols

The Titans openly broke COVID-19 protocols and should be forced to forfeit a game.

The NFL got its first postponed game this season when the Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers had their Week 4 matchup moved to later in the season. The problem was with the Titans as the team deals with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Positive tests are bound to happen and that is why there are strict protocols in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the Titans were caught not following those protocols and now other teams have to suffer as a result.

Titans should be forced to forfeit

The game against the Steelers is one thing. Week 4 became a bye for both teams and the matchup was moved to Week 7. But this Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills is now looking questionable to be played. If the team broke the rules and several other teams have to change their schedules a forfeit should be in play.

The league actually put down the threat of potential forfeits this week in a memo to teams. Specifically, forfeits would be considered if a team broke the protocols and this caused schedule changes. That is exactly what the Titans did, but they may get saved by the timing of the new rule.

Pittsburgh now has to play 13 straight games without a bye and the Bills could have their own schedule changed if this Sunday’s game is postponed.

Forfeiting a game would be a major step. However, at some point the NFL needs to hold teams accountable if rules are being broken. Tennessee may end up getting off as the team that caused the punishment to exist without ever dealing with the consequences.

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The Titans should already be on thin ice and another example of breaking the protocols has to result in a forfeit. Several teams can’t have their seasons ruined because one team is careless.

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