Tom Brady didn’t shake Nick Foles’ hand after loss

Tom Brady ran off the field after losing to the Bears, leaving Nick Foles perplexed as he searched for a handshake

Tom Brady is a sore loser doesn’t take losing well.

Yet another example of that popped up on Thursday when he declined to shake Nick Foles’ hand after the Buccaneers lost to the Bears.

That’s the second time Brady has snubbed Foles. He did it in Super Bowl LII when Foles’ Eagles bested Brady’s Patriots.

Tom Brady had no interest in postgame niceties with Nick Foles

Brady had a rough time of it in Chicago, so it’s clear to see why he was more interested in heading to the locker room than getting chummy with the quarterback who beat him.

His team conceded two touchdowns to the Bears in the last two minutes of the first half to squander a 13-0 lead.

He ranted at his offensive line on the sideline after a horrific, penalty-filled drive.

He didn’t realize it was fourth down on the final play of the game for Tampa Bay as he threw an incompletion to turnover the ball on downs.

None of that excuses poor sportsmanship though. Many a quarterback has suffered a painful defeat at the hands of Brady and still made their way to midfield for a postgame handshake. Brady is a veteran. He knows better. When you’re the greatest of all time, you shouldn’t have a hard time performing the minimum level of courtesy after a game.

Brady’s Buccaneers fell to 3-2 thanks to the 20-19 loss, which came via a 38-yard field goal for the bears with 1:08 on the clock. The quarterback’s attempt to bring his team back for a winning field goal of their own fell short.

Chicago moved to 4-1 thanks to the Thursday night victory. Nick Foles earned his first win as the Bears starter, which is sweeter than a handshake from Brady anyways.

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