This picture perfectly sums up the New York Jets 2020 disaster of a season

Things keep getting worse for the New York Jets as the bottom continues to fall out on the league’s worst team. 

To say things are bad for the New York Jets is to be kinder about their circumstances than is called for. The Jets are without a win, without a plan, and without much light at the end of their tunnel.

Adam Gase will not be the first head coach fired this year only because the Houston Texans surprisingly beat them to the punch. But the writing is etched into the wall for Gase, and we are reminded on a weekly basis exactly why there will be changes in New York after this season.

On the laundry list of things that have gone comically wrong, the Jets gave us this gift which perfectly sums up their season.

Whatever you’re looking for, that’s not it.

In case you’re unsure of what you’re seeing, that’s Le’Veon Bell at the bottom of that pile of Cardinals defenders. You’ll notice that the only green jersey anywhere near Bell is Trevon Wesco — who is simply watching.

There’s nothing that personifies the Jets this season more than someone standing by and watching a disaster unfold.

Of course, things will eventually get better. The Law of Averages means that the Jets won’t be terrible forever, but the lifespan of the average Jets fan means that whatever timeline New York is on needs to be accelerated if this generation is to experience something other than pain.

The immediate future might be grim, but there’s hope that the Jets will turn things around. Gase will be fired and Sam Darnold will likely be traded which means general manager Joe Douglas will be able to handpick his head coach/quarterback combo of the future. If the Jets land the No. 1 pick, that combo could be Trevor Lawrence and Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

So while things may be painfully awful right now, the night is always darkest before the dawn.

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