NFL quarterback rankings, Week 6: Derek Carr makes a statement

Sam Darnold, New York Jets

Sam Darnold, New York Jets. (Nfl Jets Broncos)

On Sunday, Derek Carr and his Las Vegas Raiders went deep early and often, beating the Kansas City Chiefs and making a statement in the process.

In the 2020 FanSided NFL quarterback rankings — which go live here every Tuesday morning throughout the regular season — we use a weighted average of current and past performances, with the former meaning more than the latter.

Let’s party.


Brett Rypien

QB Denver Broncos

2020 stats: 295 yards | 67.5 completion % | 2 TDs | 4 INTs | 7.4 YPA | 61.1 QBR

Last Week: 32

Drew Lock might be back this week for the Broncos after their game was postponed against the Patriots last Sunday due to COVID. However, we’ll rank Rypien for now, who has struggled mightily with recognition and ball placement in his limited action.


Sam Darnold

QB New York Jets

2020 stats: 792 yards | 59.4 completion % | 3 TDs | 4 INTs | 5.7 YPA | 47.5 QBR

Last Week: 30

Darnold has been atrocious, so he’s fitting right in with the Jets. Slow on reads, bad mechanics, inaccuracy, the whole lot. It’s clear the USC product needs a change, and maybe to even sit behind a veteran for a year or two.


Alex Smith

QB Washington Football Team

2020 stats: 37 yards | 52.9 completion % | 0 TDs | 0 INTs | 2.2 YPA | 3.2 QBR

Last Week: NA

The stats don’t matter. Smith getting back on the field was one of the more impressive feats in NFL history considering how his leg was less than two years ago. Unbelievable.


Daniel Jones

QB New York Giants

2020 stats: 1,111 yards | 61.0 completion % | 2 TDs | 5 INTs | 6.1 YPA | 49.4 QBR

Last Week: 28

Jones continues to turn the ball over. He was strip-sacked against the Cowboys, resulting in a scoop-and-score. The Giants are 0-5 and while the protection has been shoddy, Jones makes far too mistakes by holding the ball and subsequently launching into coverage.


Carson Wentz

QB Philadelphia Eagles

2020 stats: 1,188 yards | 60.0 completion % | 6 TDs | 9 INTs | 6.1 YPA | 52.9 QBR

Last Week: 26

Wentz was decent against the Steelers, but was victimized with a pair of interceptions and occasional inaccuracy. Ultimately, it’s impossible to overlook nine interceptions in five weeks, considering how little margin of error the Eagles have at their disposal.


Nick Foles

QB Chicago Bears

2020 stats: 680 yards | 63.7 completion % | 5 TDs | 3 INTs | 6.0 YPA | 44.8 QBR

Last Week: 27

Foles hasn’t been good. Too many throws into coverage. Too many deep shots with zero accuracy. He’s a better option than Mitchell Trubisky, so the Bears are right to play him, but the passing game is limited. Last week, Foles completed four passes more than 10 yards downfield.


Andy Dalton

QB Dallas Cowboys

2020 stats: 111 yards | 75.0 completion % | 0 TDs | 0 INTs | 9.3 YPA | 13.5 QBR

Last Week: NA

Dalton made one fantastic throw in his action after Dak Prescott’s departure. It was enough to win the game for Dallas over the Giants. Now, Dalton has 11 starts ahead of him, a chance to prove he’s more than a backup at this juncture of his career.


Philip Rivers

QB Indianapolis Colts

2020 stats: 1,227 yards | 70.8 completion % | 4 TDs | 5 INTs | 8.0 YPA | 59.0 QBR

Last Week: 18

Rivers had the biggest drop of the week. He was terrible last year with the Chargers and through five games, we’re seeing the same issues. Not enough big plays, too many interceptions. Look at the pass charts with Rivers — including yesterday — and you see a ton of bubble screens and checkdowns.

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