Even the Jets have trouble watching the Jets (Video)

New York Jets fans aren’t the only ones who suffer while watching the team play. As it turns out, the Jets themselves can’t stomach watching the Jets.

New York Jets fans received great news before kickoff on Sunday. The New York Giants and the Atlanta Falcons, both winless, picked up their first victories on the year, making the Jets the favorites to clinch the first-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

This disaster puts the Jets in a prime spot to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. That’s good for Jets fans, but it means they have to sit through 11 more atrocious games to see that dream become a reality. As it turns out, the fanbase aren’t the only ones who have difficulty watching the Jets.

General manager Joe Douglas was spotted holding his head and staring at the ground while watching his team struggle against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Now he knows how fans feel on a weekly basis.

The Jets are a dumpster fire

Douglas is coming off his first offseason with the Jets, where he dedicated most of his time fortifying the offensive line with the purpose of keeping quarterback Sam Darnold upright. Yet, he completely neglected the wide receiver position. He allowed Robbie Anderson to sign with the Carolina Panthers and opted to trade down in the second-round instead of taking Chase Claypool (who’s lighting it up with the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Although he inherited this mess from former general manager Mike Maccagnan, he hasn’t exactly done himself any favors. He traded star safety Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks, and New York’s defense has suffered since. Plus, the team had to release running back Le’Veon Bell because no team wanted to acquire his bloated contract.

Additionally, the Jets are playing uninspiring football under head coach Adam Gase. The hiring of Gase in 2019 was puzzling, considering he was just fired by the Dolphins for disastrous leadership. The so-called offensive genius’ play-calling has been underwhelming and has exhibited a total lack of accountability.

Breathe easy, Jets fans. Only 10 more weeks to go before things (hopefully) get better.

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