3 coaches Cowboys should’ve hired instead of Mike McCarthy

Urban Meyer, FOX

Urban Meyer, FOX. (USA Today)

The Dallas Cowboys appear to have made a huge mistake in hiring Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy’s first six games as the Dallas Cowboys head coach have been disastrous.

Though “America’s Team” leads the NFC East through six weeks, that division is absolutely putrid. The Cowboys are a deplorable 2-4 with their two wins being over the flightless Atlanta Falcons and the equally pitiful New York Giants, as both are 1-5 through six games. It is abundantly clear owner Jerry Jones didn’t want a head coach who would challenge him and he’s paying a price for it.

Here are three coaches who would have been better hires over Mike McCarthy.


Urban Meyer

Former Head Coach Ohio State Buckeyes

The taking a former college head coach and bringing him into the NFL is a tricky proposition, but it seems to have worked out just fine with two of the latest examples of this. Kliff Kingsbury has his Arizona Cardinals looking very much like a playoff team in year two. Matt Rhule has has done a great job in his first season leading the Carolina Panthers. So what was wrong with Urban Meyer?

Admittedly, Kingsbury was a failed college coach at his alma mater at Texas Tech University. And while Rhule did phenomenal jobs turning around the Temple Owls and the Baylor Bears, he’s not in the same class as Meyer when it comes to college football success. Jones must have been afraid of bringing college football Bill Parcells into the building or wasn’t willing to pay him what it took.

Meyer is now in his second year doing college football analyst work for FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff alongside Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and Rob Stone. Though he may not want to coach again, this is the Cowboys we’re talking about, and he’d surely answer the phone if Jones called him up to be his next head coach. So why would Meyer be an improvement over McCarthy?

Meyer thrived everywhere he was in college. From Bowling Green to Utah to Florida to Ohio State, Meyer won big. One of his most notable proteges Dan Mullen used to coach Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at Mississippi State. Meyer knows how to coach offense, assemble a great staff and would have had an edge picking players in the 2020 and 2021 NFL Drafts. He would have worked.

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