Troy Aikman claims he meant no offense in criticism of flyover

Troy Aikman tries to clarify he meant no harm in his flyover criticism from Sunday.

Troy Aikman took to Twitter to say how he really feels about flyovers on Tuesday evening.

The lead NFL analyst for FOX along with lead play-by-play guy Joe Buck were caught on a hot mic criticizing there being a flyover before the start of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ game at Raymond James Stadium against the Green Bay Packers. It was in front of a less-than-capacity crowd because of coronavirus seating limitations at the Tampa, Florida stadium. Here’s what Aikman had to say:

What should we make of Troy Aikman’s clarification from the flyover incident?

Only 14 seconds of hot-mic’d audio was caught in Aikman and Buck’s brief exchange criticizing the flyover over a mostly empty stadium. Aikman was critical of it being a lot of jet fuel to go over a reduced capacity crowd. Buck made fun of this being America’s tax dollars at work. Most people aren’t going to be offended by that, but Aikman’s last comment may have ruffled some feathers.

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He said this wouldn’t happen on a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential ticket. We know that the NFL and the United States Military have partnered up to celebrate patriotism before kickoff of games for years now. Is it odd to see a flyover over a reduced capacity crowd? Yes, but to throw the Democratic ticket under the bus like that won’t land well with those who lean left politically.

This is just another example of “be aware of the mic being on at all times when doing a broadcast.”

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