Aaron Rodgers is the king of the photobomb (Photos)

Aaron Rodgers dominates on the football field and in your special photo opportunities.

Aaron Rodgers not only throws bombs down the field, but he’ll photobomb your Kodak moment.

Yes, the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback is the baddest man on the planet for a reason. It’s not because of his innate ability to throw for way more touchdowns than interceptions, nor is it his ability to rifle the football perfectly from anywhere on the gridiron. What sets Rodgers apart from the rest of his peers is his ability to make someone else’s photo opportunity all about him.

Aaron Rodgers is the king of the photobomb

Photobombing is part of the college curriculum for one majoring in leisure studies. As a man with a degree in leisure studies, I had been known to photobomb more than a handful of fine folks during my days in The Classic City. It’s about everybody knowing you’re going to do it and still doing it anyway. No iPhone is safe when you’re around to make nonsense out of sensible photography.

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Some days you wake up feeling great, believing deep down you’re still the best at something in the world. It’s more soul-crushing than seeing your beloved bearded doppelgänger brother lose his starting job to a rookie. I thought this was my thing, until I saw those photos. Now, I reluctantly tip my cap to the baddest man on the planet. Rodgers is so good at it and I’m mad jealous right now.

Every picture in Rodgers’ vicinity quickly becomes about him; all hail to the King of the Photobomb.

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