Patrick Mahomes’ gender reveal party is so pure and wholesome (Video)

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews’ gender reveal party is the content we’re here for.

Patrick Mahomes is about to be a girl dad for the first time, and that’s so very exciting!

The Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback and his fiancée Brittany Matthews are expecting their first child together. They’ve been dating since high school and are slated to get married as soon as we get the coronavirus under control. Together, they had their gender reveal party and it is purely wholesome content the whole family can enjoy. There are even dogs celebrating the big occasion.

Dogs walking around with pink paint on their paws melts our hearts.

Though their dogs did not know what was going on, they were the stars of the show in Matthews’ video of her daughter’s gender reveal. Everybody loves dogs, so why wouldn’t you have them part of the big celebration extravaganza? Babies and dogs can only be topped by baby dogs, which are called puppies. Mahomes and Matthews set the bar very high on low-key gender reveal parties.

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When you are the most talented quarterback the NFL has arguably ever seen and you’re about to have a baby with the love of your life, this is what cloud nine looks like. A pair of dogs are walking on a white paper carpet and painting it pink because Mahomes is about to be a girl dad for the first time. Patrick Lavon Mahomes III will have to way, as Trey or Tripp will have a big sister to love him.

Congratulations, Brittany and Patrick! You are going to be fantastic parents for your daughter.

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