Jonathan Stewart has thoughts about whether Cam Newton fits with the Patriots

Jonathan Stewart knows how influential Cam Newton was to the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers of the early 2010s were among the most exciting offensive teams the decade had to offer, as Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, and DeAngelo Williams helped create one of the most lethal ground attacks in NFL history. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Matt Rhule decided to turn the page by ditching Newton in favor of Teddy Bridgewater.

Newton has since linked up with Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots, and he has led them to a 2-2 record in games that he has started. Stewart, speaking to FanSided in an interview, thinks that Newton’s release was a bit disrespectful considering what he meant to the city of Charlotte and the Panthers’ franchise.

Jonathan Stewart thinks Cam has an almost immeasurable impact on Carolina

“I definitely think people undervalued him while he was [in Carolina],” Stewart said. “Looking back, everyone is going to remember No. 1 in Carolina and what he meant for the community, what he meant for the National Football League, what he meant for the culture.” Stewart called the Patriots a “great” landing spot for Cam, citing the opportunity to play with Bill Belichick and the chance to bounce back with a good team.

Before Cam, either Jake Delhomme or Steve Beuerlein held basically every Panthers passing record. After he was picked No. 1 overall in 2011, Newton shattered most of those records, all the while establishing himself as one of the best running quarterbacks of all time. Winning an MVP and going to a Super Bowl certainly helps his case as well.

Bridgewater is rolling in Carolina, and Newton has found a home elsewhere, but fans and former players alike had a problem with how abrupt his release was. While Newton has a few more years left in the tank, Stewart is doing everything he can to make sure his impact isn’t forgotten.

Jonathan Stewart spoke on behalf of Crown Royal to remind fans to not be that person who ruins game day for your friends and family by taking time for a Water Break between cocktails. In a continued effort to support local communities, Crown Royal will be hosting a private tailgate for not only a Panthers fan, but also for someone who has generously given back to the Charlotte community.

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