Joe Buck’s call of Daniel Jones tripping is amazing (Video)

Daniel Jones broke away from the Philadelphia Eagles defense for a surefire scrambling touchdown … and he tripped.

Thursday night featured a typical NFC East football game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. Sloppy football from both sides, turnovers and missed field goal attempts. Yet, the game was still close!

Midway through the third quarter, the Giants started off their drive on their own 12-yard line. But on the very first play, quarterback Daniel Jones found an opening in the Eagles defense and used his legs to speed through the line of scrimmage. It was a sure fire touchdown run, as Jones was uncontested. But then, Jones stumbled and fell at Philadelphia’s 12-yard line. And, FOX play-by-play commentator Joe Buck and the FOX Deportes commentary team were besides themselves.

Luckily, the Giants ended up with a touchdown on the board

You had to feel for Jones, he looked distraught and disappointed in himself. But his teammates were seen laughing on the sidelines. But luckily for him, the Giants were able to get in the end zone, thanks to running back Wayne Gallman.

Hey Daniel, smile! You got your team the league. Sure, your 80-yard run wasn’t a touchdown, but your teammate was able to get the job done. But man, this is exactly what Giants football looks like. Ugly, but can ultimately get the job done.

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