Joe Judge shares his thoughts on Daniel Jones tripping on that 80-yard run

Joe Judge shares his thoughts on Daniel Jones tripping on that 80-yard run.

We all saw it, maybe not live, but if you are a sports fan you saw the replay somewhere and it was one of the saddest/funniest things on the gridiron this season. But just in case you didn’t see it the cliff notes are this: New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had the most-perfect opening for a touchdown, he was running with gusto without a single Philadelphia Eagle in sight. Then he tripped on the turf at the 80-yard line and even his teammates were LOLing.

Everyone from Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and now Giants coach, Joe Judge, has weighed in on the moment that stole the internet.

“Internally, that’s something eventually we will be able to laugh about,” Judge said on the Blue Rush: A NY Giants Football Podcast from NY Post Sports. “The Internet is undefeated. There are funny things all over the place. You just have to have a sense of humor. You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.”

The Giants were able to score after Daniel Jones’ trip

Thankfully the trip wasn’t their last shot at scoring and they secured the touchdown just a few plays later, and Judge saw that as the silver lining for an otherwise epically embarrassing moment in a game full of WTFs.

“I thought he made a nice run,” Judge said. “We’d like him to stay up and finish it. He stumbled. That’s something you don’t want to happen. I thought Jason [Garrett] made a good call at the right time and Daniel did a good job on the mesh as far as hiding that thing, disguising and pulling it. It was a really nice run for the team, put us in a good position to score and the team capitalized.”

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The Giants would end up losing the game to the Eagles 22-21. But if there were points for winning the internet, they’d be Super Bowl champions.

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