Listening to this Nick Foles praise is why the Bears are a threat to win NFC North

Brian Baldinger explained just how great Nick Foles has looked with the Bears this season.

The Chicago Bears made the switch from Mitchell Trubisky to Nick Foles back in Week 3 and are sitting pretty with a 5-1 record. Foles had led the Bears to two straight wins over NFC South foes and has done so without lighting up the box score.

But putting up big numbers isn’t always the path to success. Foles is doing enough to win and NFL analyst Brian Baldinger broke down Foles’ game in an enlightening video.

Foles making the perfect throws

Baldinger goes through last week’s win in Carolina in which Foles finished with only 198 yards and one touchdown. However, he highlights the perfect throws Foles did make in key situations. He took on a zone scheme from the Panthers and the timing is so good. This is like heaven for Bears fans after seeing Trubisky miss so many easy throws.

Foles is making the throws well before his receivers get to the spot and the ball is right on the money. That is why the Bears went out and acquired Foles even with Trubisky still on the roster.

The knock against Foles in the past is him either being real hot or insanely cold. His legendary Super Bowl run in Philadelphia was part of the hot, while his brief stint in Jacksonville falls into the cold category.

Watch film helps make great plays look even better. Bears fans can see how the veteran quarterback reads the defense before the snap and throws the ball at the perfect time. Experience is on his side and fans should remember Foles is only 31 years old. This could be a multi-year thing if he can avoid another major drop-off in his execution on the field.

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Making this trade could save GM Ryan Pace, whose reputation appeared to be on the line with Trubisky.

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