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Patrick Mahomes weighs in on Daniel Jones epic run in hilarious tweet

Daniel Jones should take this as a compliment.

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones became a social media icon after his big 80 yard run in the third quarter. Slight problem; he came up short and was caught on the wrong end of laughs.

However, before the Twitter scouts and Giants fans continue to curse Jones’ name to the NFL gods, perhaps the league’s top signal-caller could weigh in on the situation.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes commented on the play actually praising Jones. According to the 2018 league MVP, he couldn’t make a play like that to save his life.

Mahomes is one of the more physically gifted players at the position. Entering Thursday night, the Kansas City quarterback currently has tallied 165 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Surprisingly though, Jones actually has impressed as a dual-threat option, coming into Thursday’s outing with 204 yards on the ground.

Overall, it’s not about how you start, but rather how you finish. Even though Jones couldn’t find the end zone with his legs, he would lead the Giants to a 14-10 lead following a Wayne Gallman one-yard run.

Credit though to the future G.O.A.T admitting his own faults. And let’s be real, most people trying to hate could barely run 10 yards on a play like that.

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