NFL fans reaching hard to find clues about J.J. Watt’s free agency in latest workout tweet

NFL fans are losing their minds trying to guess where J.J. Watt will sign after his latest workout photo he posted on Twitter. 

As more time passes, NFL fans across the country are trying to guess more and more where they think J.J. Watt will sign this offseason. After a long, sensational stint with the Houston Texans, Watt and the team have parted ways. Now for the first time in his career, he’s a free agent.

With several teams interested in signing him, including the Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears and others, everyone is itching to find out where Watt will land next. Well, the pass-rusher posted a workout photo on Twitter and people are going nuts in the replies trying to put some clues together.

Everyone is waiting to see where prized free agent J.J. Watt will play next

Indeed, the replies are filled with folks trying to connect hidden messages Watt is trying to share with everyone. For example, two kettle balls next to each other are green and yellow. Well, surely that means that Watt will be headed to Lambeau Field next season to play for Green Bay, right?

Well, not exactly. With Watt searching for his next home, general managers out there are drooling at the thought of having him line up on the outside to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Last season, Watt was once again fantastic for the Texans, posting 36 solo tackles, five sacks and two forced fumbles.

Unfortunately for Watt, Houston went 4-12. He’s now looking to join a contender and has hopes of competing for a Super Bowl. Only time will tell where Watt ends up next. We can only hope a decision comes soon, though, otherwise Twitter might collectively explode one of these days.

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