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Chargers expected to sign Corey Linsley, protecting Justin Herbert

All-Pro center Corey Linsley is expected to leave the Green Bay Packers for the Los Angeles Chargers in his free agency. 

Longtime Green Bay Packers center Corey Linsley plans to leave his former team for the Los Angeles Chargers in his impending NFL free agency.

The NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reports Linsley will skip town on the Packers for the Chargers once free agency officially opens this week. Linsley was a former fifth-round pick out of Ohio State in the 2014 NFL Draft. He spent his entire seven-year NFL career snapping the ball to Aaron Rodgers. Now, he will be in charge of keeping Justin Herbert upright on these revamped Bolts.

The Chargers plan to make Corey Linsley the highest paid center in football

As it oftentimes is in free agency, money talks. While the Packers are infinitely more likely to qualify for the playoffs next season, the Chargers are willing to make Linsley the highest paid center in football.

If the Chargers do a better job of protecting Herbert, they might be able to contend for one of three wild card spots in the AFC next year. They are not winning the AFC West.

Overall, this impending move is a multi-faceted one. While it gives the Chargers a big boost offensively, it makes us wonder if the Packers are ever going to get back to the Super Bowl with Rodgers as their starting quarterback. It has been over a decade and having to break in a new starting will not be easy for even a reigning NFL MVP. This is why the Packers are the Packers.

While his Los Angeles arrival will bring Herbert joy, his Green Bay exit lends Rodgers only pain.

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