Bills: Stefon Diggs reveals heartwarming reason he won’t change his number

Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs hinted at a possible number change but ultimately decided to keep his No. 14 for a great reason.

Like many players in the NFL, Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs appeared rather interested in the possibility of the NFL easing number restrictions by position.

Under a new proposal by the chiefs, wide receivers would be allowed to wear single digits for the first time.

Diggs started speculation on Twitter when he asked about numbers, including the No. 1, which he wore in college at Maryland. It’s easy to see why he might consider taking the opportunity to switch back.

He added pretty soon after, “14 to me is everything.”

Hours later, the wide receiver decided to keep his number for the most endearing reason: He wants to honor the fans who have already bought his No. 14.

How cool is that? NFL jerseys are expensive. Diggs deserves a tip of the cap for recognizing it.

Stefon Diggs and the No. 14 have done pretty well in the NFL

Diggs has made his name in No. 14. He took it as a rookie in Minnesota after the Vikings drafted him in the fifth round. It was his number when he pulled off the Minneapolis Miracle, scoring the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against the Saints in the 2018 NFC divisional round.

He was also wearing No. 14 when he joined the Bills in 2020, setting career highs in receptions and yards while setting a new Buffalo record in the former category.

If the NFL had considered changing the number rules before the 2020 season, Diggs might have been able to change his number as he started fresh with a new franchise. But the No. 14 has served him well enough to keep on going with it.

It’s not just good news and saved money for Bills fans, but also Diggs himself.

Teammate Tyrel Dodson joked with the wide receiver, “I was going to make you pay anyways for my new jersey.”

That’s $120 Diggs won’t have to pay.

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