Bengals unveil sleek new uniforms: Players and fans react

New Cincinnati Bengals uniforms are the talk of social media on Monday after the franchise unveiled three new uniforms that are hits among players and fans.

It’s a new era for the Cincinnati Bengals with the team revealing three new uniforms on Monday morning to the delight of fans and players alike.

The Bengals unveiled their new uniforms with this behind-the-scenes video featuring Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon, among others.

It was my father’s belief that the helmet should be distinctive,” Mike Brown said via the team’s website. “You should be able to walk into a stadium, look down onto the field, and identify what team that is. … our helmet does that.”

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Bengals fans haven’t had a lot to cheer for the last few years with the team struggling but the response from the fans has been overwhelmingly positive as you can see in the replies to the following two tweets.

Count Mixon among the players that strongly endorse the new look.

Mike Hilton and Billy Price also approve of the new uniforms they’ll be wearing this fall.

Burrow has yet to publicly comment on the new uniforms but it’s fair to say the team’s franchise quarterback is a fan of them as he proudly modeled them in the video and photos.

Fans will just be happy to see last year’s No. 1 overall pick back on the field after suffering an ugly knee injury that ended his promising rookie season prematurely.

Fans can purchase the new Bengals uniforms from their pro shop.

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