Here’s what Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers texted each other about Packers future

Brett Favre revealed the conversation he had with Aaron Rodgers regarding the latter’s future with the Packers. 

Green Bay Packers fans have seen this story play out once before. Aaron Rodgers was once the quarterback in waiting behind Brett Favre and that led to an ugly exit. Now Jordan Love was thrust into a similar position, leaving Rodgers unhappy with the franchise.

Favre and Rodgers had their differences but now appear to be friends with all the time that has passed. They can bond over their mutual frustration with the organization itself.

Favre revealed he texted Rodgers recently and made a joke about the season. The current Packers quarterback hit him with a “buddy” and said he would be back in touch.

Packers: Brett Favre reveals text from Aaron Rodgers

The only confusing part here is if Rodgers is saying he doesn’t expect to go to New Orleans, or if he doesn’t expect to leave Green Bay in general. Saying he will reach out “after this is all over” could suggest he does believe he will be traded out of Green Bay.

Overall, Favre says the situation is a bit different than what he went through in 2008. Rodgers having been in the league for several years at that point is different than what the team now has in Love.

But it remains fascinating that the Packers did the same thing all over again. It did work out the first time, so maybe they do know what they are doing even if it means angering another franchise legend.

Some fans may also see this as Favre inserting himself into the situation. Packers quarterbacks are always at the center of drama, so this is no different.

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