Tom Brady implores players to stand united against unfair offseason workouts

Tom Brady had some things to say during the latest NFLPA conference call to all the players.

Tom Brady wants the NFLPA to stay united as the union sorts out the NFL‘s offseason plans.

Out of necessity a year ago, the entire NFL offseason was conducted virtually. While many teams including Brady’s defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers have informed the NFLPA that they will not be taking part in voluntary offseason workouts as the team facility, this is a tricky matter at the least. What happens when a player gets hurt working out like Ja’Wuan James did?

Here is the essence of what Brady said to the NFLPA in a fiery and incredibly passionate speech.

Tom Brady urges the NFLPA to not buy into the league’s demands this offseason

Brady mentions that the NFLPA is in the process of negotiating a safer offseason plan. His big standing point is the NFL is the only league that is “overly competitive” in the lead-up to the regular season. Again, you have to play football hard to attempt to avoid getting hurt. Then again, football is a game of injury. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when you will get hurt playing it.

While the NFLPA still plans to boycott the offseason, it should be noted that teams with new coaching staffs are at a major disadvantage. Though five organizations had to deal with that out of necessity last year, nearly a quarter of the entire league has a new regime in charge. Hopefully, both parties can find a creative and proactive solution to find a better way to have an offseason.

If Brady is this fired up about not caving, then you better believe the players were listening to him.

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