NFL fired back at Brandon Beane over his vaccination comments

The NFL spoke with Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane on his thoughts on cutting unvaccinated players.

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane said he would be willing to cut an unvaccinated player if that meant it would lessen some COVID-19 restrictions on his roster. No, the NFL did not like those comments one bit.

The NFL reportedly had a stern conversation with Beane about those comments and expressed to him how that was not okay. While every adult in the United States of America should be encouraged to go get a COVID-19 vaccine, that is a personal choice at its very essence. Cutting a player strictly upon his vaccination status should not sit well with the NFL, the NFLPA or anybody.

From a competitive standpoint, it makes sense, but it comes across as totally unethical to do so.

NFL does not approve of Brandon Beane’s unvaccinated players comments

It is understandable for a Super Bowl-contending team like the Bills to look for an edge wherever they can find it. However, using someone’s vaccination status as an excuse to cut a guy is wrong on so many levels. It paints the organization in a bad light, as well as putting a black mark on a player who made a personal choice about his health. Just to limit COVID-19 restrictions? Come on!

Overall, the Bills are too smart and too well-run of an organization for this to be a possible edge for them to exploit. They made it to the AFC Championship game in a COVID year with an all-virtual offseason. Buffalo should win the AFC East again and get back to the conference title bout again in 2021. To say you would seriously part ways with an unvaccinated player is a terrible look.

Buffalo is too well-run to be this heartless in pursuit of its first Super Bowl championship to date.

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