Davante Adams says Packers future in jeopardy without Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams is already considering his future plans if Aaron Rodgers is no longer with the Packers. 

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are providing fans with plenty of drama this offseason. Everyone wants to know where he will play in 2021 and it is easy to forget the effect this has on his current teammates.

Davante Adams is one of the premier receivers in the game and has Rodgers to thank for that. The 28-year-old receiver had 18 touchdowns in 2020 and is set to be a free agent following this upcoming season. The price tag should be massive.

Adams’ future is now up in the air because of Rodgers. The receiver recently spoke with Colin Cowherd and indicated he could be on the move if his quarterback is playing elsewhere in 2022.

Davante Adams waiting on Aaron Rodgers like the rest of us

Adams did not directly say he is gone if Rodgers is somewhere else either in 2021 or 2022. But it would take a superstar debut from Jordan Love to convince Adams Green Bay is the only place for him on a long-term deal.

The most likely destination may be wherever Rodgers goes, if that is somewhere other than Green Bay. Adams is going to be a wealthy man because of his quarterback and there is no reason to mess up that great relationship. A team that already got Rodgers should absolutely want Adams in town as well.

Adams has no choice but to be a Packer in 2021, barring a trade request. Even then, this front office seems pretty set on doing things on their own schedule.

But the Packers could be torn down from within and it all starts with Rodgers. Some fans may be ready to move on if they believe the quarterback is the reason for all of this. If Adams leaves too? That may be a wake-up call that the front office is making some controversial decisions.

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