Chris Long savages Mark Ingram for Twitter beef with United Airlines

Houston Texans running back Mark Ingram complained to United for losing his luggage and Chris Long decided to troll him in the funniest way possible. 

New Houston Texans running back Mark Ingram isn’t having a great day travel wise. The veteran took to Twitter to let everyone know that he’s got quite the issue with United Airlines, as the airline apparently forgot to put his bags on the plane and he’s been left without clothes for a little while.

The man has appearances to make after all, so you can understand why he’s annoyed. Well, former standout defensive end Chris Long, who is no stranger to some Twitter trolling, had no sympathy for Ingram. Instead, he basically told him to man up and just pick out a new wardrobe in a downright hilarious tweet.

Chris Long doesn’t care about Mark Ingram’s travel issues

If you ask Long, Ingram should get off of Twitter and just head to his closest mall. Ingram is rich, so why not just grab his credit cards and fix his problem? Case closed. Well, Ingram isn’t ready to just let things slide and had a different idea for Long.

Problem solved, then? If you ask Ingram, not only should United Airlines step its game up in terms of customer satisfaction, but if he indeed does have to buy new clothes, Long should be the one to pay for it. If anything, Long should send Ingram a Venmo for the hurtful tweet he sent his way.

In all seriousness, Long decided to have some fun with Ingram and we’re all able to laugh about it. If United Airlines wants some repeat business from Ingram down the road, they better find his bags and as soon as possible.

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