Jalen Hurts comments on not yet being named Eagles starting QB

Jalen Hurts has weighed in on how he feels about not being named the Eagles starting QB. 

A bitter taste that has yet to wash out of mouths in Philadelphia is what happened in Week 17 of last season.

Doug Pederson essentially wrote his letter of resignation by benching a healthy Jalen Hurts when he appeared to have the Washington Football Team on the ropes in a game that would have secured a trip to the playoffs for the Eagles.

The gnarly taste of tanking still burns, but it’s soothed by knowing that Hurts looks like a franchise quarterback fans in Philly have been desperate for since the departure of Donovan McNabb.

Not only does Hurts look like a franchise quarterback, but he continues to act and sound like one too.

Hurts spoke to the media on Wednesday and gave a very eloquent answer to a question about commitment from the Eagles coaching staff and not yet being handed the starting quarterback role.

“Rent’s due everyday,” Hurts said. “It’s always been that way for me. Always been a get better mentality everyday. Get better every day, grow as a leader everyday, be a better quarterback everyday.

When that rent’s due, I don’t plan on missing any payments.”

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the Eagles locker room getting ready to run through a wall for Hurts after that answer.

While Hurts stepped in for an awful Carson Wentz in 2020 and instantly made the Eagles a better team, he has yet to be named the starter heading into next season by new Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. Howie Roseman didn’t help matters by signing Joe Flacco under the guise of creating a quarterback competition in training camp or not flatly denying rumors that the Eagles were looking at first round quarterbacks this year.

Hurts will almost certainly be named the starter in 2021, as he played himself into the job with what he did last season. If it wasn’t already clear from his job on the field that he’s the future of the franchise, listening to him talk about the swirling controversy with such calm confidence is further proof.

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