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Andy Reid is the coach we never knew we needed

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid knew how to give his players a special treat when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Andy Reid just gets it.

He’s the coach we never knew we needed.

Back when he was head coach of the Eagles, he proved that by giving his players exactly what they wanted after a big win.

Typically, NFL players have Tuesdays off with Mondays reserved for meetings about the previous game and a light practice.

“I’ll see you Wednesday,” means Reid would give players Monday off as well.

When you’ve just lost, Monday meetings are a vital opportunity to address the problems that led to that outcome. After a big win, though, there’s a lot less to critique. The morale boost of a day off is worth it.

The trick is winning the game in the first place.

Andy Reid’s “I’ll see you Wednesday” montage is a cool look at a great coach

Reid’s tactics are proven at this point. He won 130 games and six NFC East titles with the Eagles, taking them to the Super Bowl once and the NFC Championship Game four times. There were a lot of reasons to take Mondays off in those days.

While he never got over the hump in Philadelphia, better days came in Kansas City.

In 2018 the Chiefs made it to the AFC Championship Game for the first time since 1993. They followed that up by winning the Super Bowl LIV the next year. Reid made it back to the Super Bowl this spring but lost to the Buccaneers.

As Super Bowl contenders again this year, a third-straight Super Bowl appearance is definitely possible.

If Reid is still giving Monday off after a big win with the Chiefs, the players in Kansas City have that to strive for as well.

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