Packers insider says Aaron Rodgers will never play for Green Bay again

An Aaron Rodgers trade has been talked about since the NFL Draft, but a Packers insider has a grim update for fans hoping to see the MVP return to Green Bay

If Green Bay Packers fans were looking for a positive update in the ongoing Aaron Rodgers saga, they might not want to listen to what the team’s beat writer has to say about the matter.

Rodgers requested a trade on the night of the NFL Draft, a planting of the flag moment that was a long time coming for the MVP. The animosity between Rodgers and the Packers extends far beyond the drafting of Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, as an entire decade of wasted opportunities has seemingly boiled over.

The NFC Championship Game against the Seahawks, the blowout loss in the NFC Championship Game to the 49ers, and most recently the debacle at the end of an NFC Championship Game loss to the Buccaneers.

It’s a list that goes on and on and on. Rodgers has apparently had enough.

But even as he continues to disassociate himself with the team, calling out general manager Brian Gutekunst in an interview with Kenny Mayne while keeping as far away from Packers OTAs as possible, fans are still holding out hope that this is nothing more than a tantrum that both sides needed to have and will work through together.

Aaron Rodgers trade update from Packers insider

Packers beat writer Rob Demovsky is here to squash that hope. While appearing on ESPN1000 in Chicago and, Demovsky confidently said that he believed Aaron Rodgers has played his final down with Green Bay.

This isn’t information that he’s reporting directly from a source like Rodgers, rather it’s simply a read on the situation. And it’s not a particularly exclusive view to have of how this saga could ultimately play out.

To be fair, Demovsky has been saying this since April so it’s not like there’s some new wrinkle that caused him to bring this up. But the confidence with which he said Rodgers is done, and the fact that he’s banging the drum with the same consistency two months later is not going to help Packers fans sleep any better at night.

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