Jalen Ramsey calls out Rams for not anteing up for Julio Jones

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramey isn’t pleased at all that the NFC West club wasn’t able to go out and land Julio Jones. 

Julio Jones’ playing days with the Atlanta Falcons have officially come to an end. On Sunday morning, the team traded the superstar wideout to the Tennessee Titans, truly sending shockwaves throughout the NFL.

With Jones only costing a second and fourth-round pick, countless folks out there are blown away at how little Tennessee had to give up. Jalen Ramsey for one is a bit bummed the Rams didn’t put that kind of an offer on the table to bring Jones to town.

Jalen Ramsey sure wishes the Rams would have traded for Julio Jones

Imagine if the Rams indeed would have traded for Jones? Adding him to that offense, which brought in Matthew Stafford earlier this offseason, would have sent so much panic to Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco.

Alas, the Rams front office didn’t get things done, while Tennessee’s did. Ramsey will spend the rest of his day thinking about what could have been for the team if Jones would have been catching balls from Stafford.

Seriously, with LA featuring one of the best defenses in the game, bringing in Jones could have made the Rams legit contenders to win the Super Bowl. However, it’s the Titans who got much stronger this weekend.

Good luck to defensive backs trying to slow down that offense. With AJ Brown and Jones getting ready to showcase a two-headed monster, Ryan Tannehill is about to have countless field days throwing the ball around. For Ramsey, this may be a bit of a disappointment, but at the end of the day, the Rams are still expected to make plenty of noise this upcoming campaign.

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