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Saints’ Cameron Jordan trolls Falcons for Julio Jones trade

New Orleans Saints star Cam Jordan had no choice but to troll the Atlanta Falcons after they traded Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans. 

On Sunday morning, massive news broke out of Georgia, as Ian Rapoport reported that the Atlanta Falcons had traded future Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans. Goodness, this has massive ramifications for the 2021 season.

As you might have been able to guess, Twitter exploded with Tennessee adding a player of Jones’ caliber to the offense. Ryan Tannehill must be doing cartwheels right now. Well, the rest of the NFC South is also pumped to see Jones heading out of town. The list includes Saints stud Cam Jordan.

Cameron Jordan called out the Falcons for not getting enough in return for Julio Jones

As happy as Jordan is he no longer has to face Jones, he also questioned the Atlanta front office for the move. A second and fourth-round pick for Jones? On paper, it sure seems like the Titans fleeced the Falcons in this deal.

At the same time, Atlanta cleared up a ton of cap space here with the Titans taking on Jones’ salary. The 2022 NFL Draft is expected to be stacked with premier players too, so two draft picks, while also offloading a monster salary, feels like a big win for the Falcons.

With that said, Jones is one of the best wideouts in the game. Originally, the expectation was that the Falcons would potentially be able to get a first-rounder in return for Jones. That didn’t happen, though.

It will truly be weird seeing Jones suit up for a different team come this fall. He’s an Atlanta legend and fans will always love him for everything he did for the organization.

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