Jordan Love looks rough in 2-minute drill during Packers practice

Jordan Love’s first stab at running a two-minute drill for the Green Bay Packers did not go well.

Green Bay Packers fans are not going to love hearing about Jordan Love struggling in his first documented two-minute drill of spring practice.

With Aaron Rodgers noticeably absent, Love has been the one to get all of the first-team reps for Green Bay this spring. The Packers did trade up to draft the project quarterback out of Utah State two springs ago, so it was only a matter of time before they took Rodgers’ supposed heir apparent out for a spin. Well, he missed a big throw and barely crossed over midfield in the two-minute drill.

While you can try to tell Packers fans to not panic over this, they are not going to listen to you.

Green Bay Packers: Jordan Love looks rough in two-minute drill during practice

For a minute there, Packers fans thought they would be so lucky to transition seamlessly from Brett Favre to Rodgers to Love and have over 30 years of stellar quarterback play. While this is a intrasquad spring practice, we do have to wonder if Love has what it takes to be the heir apparent in Green Bay. If he is not, then the Packers will become completely irrelevant once Rodgers leaves.

Though Rodgers may want to be traded this offseason, we should expect for him to return to the Packers for one more spite year in Green Bay. He can opt out of his contract and enter free agency next spring. Rodgers may be rapidly approaching 40-years-old, but he has the talent to play into his mid-40s if he really wants to. As for Love, Packers fans are just hoping he can play a little.

Until we see Love play in a game that counts, we need to not overreact to everything he does.

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