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Cardinals QB Kyler Murray takes hilarious shot at Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray didn’t hold back his feeling on the Dallas Cowboys franchise or, frankly, a hidden message for their fanbase.

Murray is just 23 years old, so you have to factor in that during his lifetime, the Cowboys haven’t really been all that good. Sure, they went on a few regular season runs with Tony Romo, but what all did that lead to?

This is why, when Murray was asked if he grew up a Cowboys fan, he answered very blunty.

The Heisman winner is from Norman, Texas, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility he grew up a Cowboys die-hard. Yet, he’s not exactly a 90’s kid. By the time Murray was even born, the Cowboys had won the last of their three 1990’s Super Bowls.

Dallas Cowboys fans won’t love Kyler Murray’s comments

Cowboys fans are routinely some of the more…vocal internet personalities as it pertains to NFL fanbases. So, when Murray tells them their team is a**, it probably isn’t going to sit well with the locals. It doesn’t help that Kyler is from Texas himself.

The Cowboys play the Cardinals once this year, but it’s in the preseason. Don’t exactly expect any “bad blood” between the two sides.

Murray went from a Texas high school hero to a villain very quickly, so he’s ready for that role. At Texas A&M, he opted to transfer out of state to Oklahoma, and beat Texas on his way to the Heisman. Now in Arizona, he’s taking one last shot at the prized NFL team in his home state (sorry, Houston Texans).

Like most athletes, Kyler usually chooses his words carefully. As it pertains to the Cowboys, he doesn’t really have much to be scared of, because he’s right.

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