The Ravens aren’t letting media film Lamar Jackson throws anymore

The Baltimore Ravens now forbid the media from filming any and all Lamar Jackson throws.

It sounds like Lamar Jackson highlights at the Baltimore Ravens facility will be at a minimum now.

After a recent fiasco on social media where Jackson was seen throwing a wobbler in practice, the Ravens organization is now disallowing the media to record their franchise quarterback throwing the football. Given that the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner and 2019 NFL MVP is required to throw the football as a part of his job description, yes, this is an incredibly alarming turn of events here.

There is absolutely no win to be had for the Ravens organization to even think about doing this.

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson throws are for your eyes only, NFL media

Look. The only thing that really matters regarding Jackson’s throwing abilities is if he can do it well enough to help the Ravens win games. Winning is a panacea for everything in professional sports. However, if the Ravens are only a middle-of-the-pack AFC Wild Card team and division rival quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Baker Mayfield spin it better during the season, this will be an issue.

The Ravens are not currying favor with the NFL or local media by doing this. This is merely football practice, not Fort Knox. It comes across as incredibly insecure and petty. Those two traits do not contribute to winning football, or winning behavior, for that matter. If Peyton Manning can win a Super Bowl with a noodle arm, Jackson can win big with mid-level NFL arm talent, so who cares?

Keeping the media from filming Jackson throwing the ball sounds like 21st century Al Davis stuff.

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