There’s 1 reason the Packers should be happy Aaron Rodgers is sitting out

There is one upside to Aaron Rodgers potentially sitting out the Green Bay Packers’ offseason.

Should Aaron Rodgers not take part in any Green Bay Packers‘ offseason activities, there is one major upside for the NFC North franchise: His backup quarterback Jordan Love will get all the first-team reps.

It may not seem like much, but there is a positive way to spin this. Love was a project quarterback coming out of Utah State in the 2019 NFL Draft. While he was a first-round pick, Love was nowhere close to being ready to start as a rookie. If Rodgers’ holdout carries into the regular season, the Packers will have no choice but to start Love Week 1 at the New Orleans Saints.

In the meantime, it does serve the Packers to get Love as many first-team reps as possible.

Green Bay Packers: 1 upside to Aaron Rodgers skipping out on the offseason

The Packers have a roster that was good enough to host the NFC Championship game as the No. 1 seed a season ago. While a lot of the team’s success had to do with Rodgers being named NFL MVP again, it is not like Love would be playing in an offense devoid of talent. Yes, there will be a massive drop-off from Rodgers to Love, but these first-team reps can really help close the gap.

While Rodgers and the Packers organization sort out their issues, or not, Love can take advantage of the precious first-team reps he would otherwise not be able to get. He will play in an offense led by an excellent head coach in Matt LaFleur. Therefore, we know he will put the second-year quarterback in situations where he can succeed. Thus, the Packers are not in a dire situation here.

This may not make the Packers’ present all that much better, but it could improve their future.

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