5 NFL throwback uniforms we have to see in 2022

Atlanta Falcons

Deion Sanders of the Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Gin Ellis/Getty Images)

With the NFL permitting throwback helmets and uniforms, here are the five sets we have to see for the 2022 season.

Sometimes in life, the old is better than the new. That statement rings true for the NFL and their uniforms.

Some of the best jersey designs and combinations in league history were made back in the 1970s, 80’s and ’90s. The NFL gave great news on Thursday, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter announced that the league approved alternate helmets, permitting the use of throwback jerseys for the 2022 season.

The revival of throwback unis means some of the best (and worst) combinations will be making their way onto the field very soon.

What are the five NFL throwback uniforms that we must see in 2022?

5. Atlanta Falcons throwback uniforms (All Black, “Primetime” Era)

The Atlanta Falcons‘ throwback uniforms are a testament to keeping things simple. The nice shade of black on their jersey and helmet brings a sense of unity and meanness, making the set even more impressive. The simple red outline for the numbers pop alongside the white for the inside of the numbers.

The old Falcons’ logo on the side of the helmet is sleek and bold, letting opposing players know exactly who they are facing. The space grey pants with black, white and red stripes are the perfect icing on the cake. You don’t always have to make the most outlandish design or use the wildest colors to make a successful uniform. Atlanta proved that with a sleek, mean and stylish uniform that brings back memories of Deion “Primetime” Sanders.

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