Aaron Rodgers could get last laugh with Packers after this NFL decision

Here is how Aaron Rodgers could get the last laugh when it comes to the Green Bay Packers.

It may seem absolutely ludicrous, but yes, there is a way reigning NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers can totally screw over the Green Bay Packers this fall: He can exercise his option to opt-out of the 2021 NFL season.

For the second year in a row, the NFL and the NFLPA will allow opt-outs due to COVID-19, regardless of if they opted out of 2020 or not. One stipulation is any player who finalized a contract before Oct. 1, 2020 can opt-out for any reason, no questions asked. Rodgers falls into that category and has a potential opt-out in his contract for 2022 anyway. It might really be over.

By Friday, July 2, Rodgers could make a permanent decision and be done with the Packers forever.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers can completely cut ties by opting out of 2021

Though he would not receive a stipend of any kind, Rodgers would not have to give up his $11.5 million signing bonus money or his $6.8 million roster bonus that was earned back in March and will be paid out in weekly installments. Essentially, Rodgers would still be able to keep $18.3 million and tell the Packers to kick rocks, if he feels so inclined. Would he really do this, though?

Of course, Rodgers could temporarily retire and then come back at a later part of the season. However, he could just as easily rest, recover and collect $18.3 million from the same franchise he would theoretically file divorce with next spring. While opting out is way better than holding out because of that eight-figure sum of cash, Rodgers will miss all of his age-38 season by doing so.

If Rodgers opts out by Friday, July 2, this could become one of the nastiest divorces in NFL history.

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