Can the Cardinals go 17-0 this season behind Kyler Murray?

Can the MVP campaign of Kyler Murray carry the Cardinals to an undefeated season?

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals have rolled through every team they have seen this season. From the Texans and Jaguars to the Browns and Rams, no one has an answer for the high-octane offense that Kliff Kingsbury has masterminded.

The only team that has been even competitive with the Cardinals throughout the course of sixty minutes was the Vikings, who decided the best way to compete was to commit to a shoot-out. However, even with the high power potential that the Vikings also have, they fell short of MVP-caliber Kyler Murray.

Shoot-outs are not a reasonable plan to beat Arizona either since their defense is also playing well right now. They are tied for third in the league for total takeaways, give up the second-lowest scoring percentage, and give up the second-fewest points per drive.

Is there anyone in the league that can compete with the Cardinals, or are they destined to go undefeated?

The Cardinals still have competitive games this year

The two teams that have the highest odds of beating the Cardinals in the regular season are both left on their schedule.

Firstly, there are the Los Angeles Rams. The Cardinals embarrassed the Rams a few weeks back, but that should not take away from how talented the Rams are. Offensively, they can absolutely keep up with Murray and company, while defensively, they can put pressure on the backfield, making Murray feel uncomfortable enough to stay close.

The other team with a shot at upsetting Arizona are the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are an elite offense, capable of scoring almost at will. Their defense may be terrible, but Dak Prescott and the best receiving core in the league can keep up in a shoot-out. Plus, if the Cowboys get ahead, they have the rushing game to start dominating the time-of-possession battle.

Are the red and white elite? Absolutely. Is Kyler Murray the 2021 MVP? Definitely. Are the Cardinals destined for 17-0? Not necessarily.

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