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Terrell Owens offended by comparison to Antonio Brown

Terrell Owens was not on board with people on Twitter comparing his career to that of Antonio Brown after the Buccaneers wide receiver quit on the team.

Terrell Owens and Antonio Brown were both talented NFL wide receivers. Both have been hit with the “diva” tag during their careers. Just don’t compare the two or you’ll get a talking to from T.O.

When Brown was cut by the Buccaneers after bizarrely walking out on the team in the middle of a game against the Jets, someone on Twitter asked which of the two was a “bigger diva.”

Owens quote tweeted the question with a clap back about how “there’s no comparison.”

Terrell Owens disagrees with Antonio Brown comparison

Owens has a bit of a point.

Certainly, there are similarities between Brown’s antics and Owens’ of the past. While Brown forced a move out of Pittsburgh and had trouble with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Owens forced a move out of San Francisco. Things went downhill during Brown’s tenure with the Raiders while Owens was suspended and released by the Eagles because of altercations with quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Owens always seemed to have the spotlight on him and he soaked it up at every opportunity.

However, Brown’s recent behavior on the field definitely seems to rise above anything Owens pulled.

Teams may have had difficulty managing Owens’ personality and drama often followed. He never pulled off his pads during a game and abandoned his team in the middle of a drive.

Owens played 15 seasons and amassed 15,934 yards with 153 touchdowns. He’s now in the Hall of Fame.

Brown has played 12 seasons with 12,265 yards and 83 touchdowns. His Hall of Fame candidacy could be in trouble because of the embarrassing end to his Tampa Bay career.

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