New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jets player earns autograph from Tom Brady after interception

New York Jets cornerback Brandin Echols had a moment he’ll never forget on Sunday when he intercepted Tom Brady. 

It’s not often Tom Brady makes a mistake in a close game, but when he does, you better believe countless folks are going to celebrate it. Well, New York jets defensive back Brandin Echols went ahead and took things to a new level.

In the showdown between the Jets and Buccaneers, Echols picked off Brady in surprising fashion. To make this even better for the cornerback, he actually found Brady after the game and had the future Hall-of-Famer sign that ball for him. That’s simply unreal.

Tom Brady signing the ball he threw for an interception is priceless

This of course is a moment that Echols will never forget. He’ll be able to brag to his grandkids that he once picked off Brady on a cold day in January of 2022. For Brady, though, he admitted he won’t be providing any additional autographs like this ever again.

“That was the first time,” Brady said via Pro Football Talk. “What a nice guy (Echols). Young player. It was actually, it was kind of flattering. It’s not often I’ve signed an interception ball, too. I think that’s the first time. I don’t necessarily like signing mistakes, let me just say that.

“So that’s the last time I’m going to do that. I know it is the season of giving. I don’t plan on giving any more gifts to people for that, either. It’s much better to receive than give from my standpoint as a quarterback.”

That’s a priceless quote from Brady. While he didn’t mind an excited Echols going up to him for this moment, other young DBs out there shouldn’t expect Brady to do this once again. The next time Echols takes on Brady, however, he’ll surely try and pick off his new friend. Brady will surely have something to say about that.

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