Shady McCoy’s Tom Brady story is pure gold

During an interview with the I Am Athlete podcast, LeSean McCoy revealed the behind-the-scenes reaction Tom Brady had to Drew Brees’ final NFL appearance. 

For decades, there was a longstanding competition between Tom Brady and Drew Brees as two of the NFL’s most prolific passers. For even more decades, there’s been a longstanding rivalry between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So after losing to the Saints twice during the 2020 season, Brady came back to defeat Brees in the NFC Divisional Round — and he wasn’t shy about showing his enthusiasm of his dominance over Brees.

Former Tampa Bay RB LeSean McCoy delves into Brady behind the scenes after defeating Brees

In hilarious fashion, McCoy illustrates the duality of Brady, a person fans only saw glimpses of before his time in Tampa Bay. The 19-year New England Patriot did share his life in the 2018 docuseries “Tom Vs. Time”, but recent interviews on “Howard Stern”, “The Shop”, and his latest ESPN+ docuseries “Man In The Arena” show a different side of Brady as someone with a sense of humor and a fiercely competitive nature.

“He’s the best teammate/competitor/leader I’ve ever seen in my life,” McCoy gushed.

Anyone who has seen Brady chug beers with Stephen Colbert or heard stories about New England’s Prank War of 2006 knows that Brady is serious about winning, even if it means one of his good friends must lose.

Ultimately, Brees sat down for the last time as he hung up his cleats and became an NBC analyst, while Brady continued to another championship ring and a subsequent playoff berth in 2021.

Now that Brady holds nearly every NFL passing record, he finally has the edge over Brees, although he warned Brees not to come back to the NFL and reclaim his position as Tampa Bay’s  kryptonite.

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