Tony Romo: Cowboys’ final play failure was Dak Prescott’s fault

The Dallas Cowboys failed to get a play off in the waning seconds against the San Francisco 49ers. Did the officials or Dak Prescott get it wrong?

Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore called a quarterback draw despite the fact Dallas had no timeouts. Mike McCarthy had the opportunity to veto said play call, but instead said nothing. Even Prescott could’ve checked out of the play given the time remaining on the clock and his own game awareness.

Instead, Prescott ended the game on a 17-yard rushing to the 49ers 24 yard line. He tried to spike the ball, but by the time the Cowboys and officiating crew were set, there was no time left on the clock.

So, who’s to blame?

Tony Romo: Dak Prescott to blame for Cowboys’ mess

Per CBS analyst and former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, it’s on Prescott to know the rules and ensure the lead official spots the ball in that moment. Either that, or Prescott could’ve checked out of the play to begin with.

The Cowboys put the game squarely in the hands of the officiating crew, and ironically enough, their 40-yard dash times. The lead official bobbed and weaved through opposing players to the line of scrimmage. Despite being in position, Prescott did not hand the ref the ball, thus delaying the process even further.

Consider that a mistake Prescott won’t make again.

In the end, the blame must go to Prescott and McCarthy for not being aware of the situation. The Cowboys made it down the field by running sideline routes. Despite the fact they were in Hail Mary position, Dallas got greedy and it cost them.

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