Texans: Josh McCown interview another sign of dysfunction in Houston

The Houston Texans have apparently interviewed an unconventional candidate for their head coaching vacancy: Josh McCown.

As the Houston Texans continue to search for the right head coaching candidate to step in and help this mess of a team move forward, they’ve brought in someone who probably won’t be any fan’s first choice: Josh McCown.

McCown, who has no meaningful coaching experience on his resume but could potentially be a good fit for an assistant coaching position, has now interviewed for the Texans head coaching position twice. Once when Bill O’Brien left town. And now with the current vacancy.

That won’t be something that unites or inspires a frustrated and weary Texans fanbase. It’s probably a safe bet that folks won’t be excited about this interview.

Houston Texans interview Josh McCown for head coaching position

McCown has no significant coaching experience. He’s spent a ton of time in the NFL and has an experienced football mind who has seen the highs and lows that the league has to offer. His experience is valuable, but it doesn’t exactly make him a fit for a head coaching position.

That’s especially true for a franchise that is as messy and unsuccessful as the Texans.

After moving on from David Culley, who wasn’t really given much of a chance and also probably wasn’t someone who was ever going to turn the Texans into a winning team, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to interview around and bring in a number of possible candidates to try and find the right one.

Thinking outside of the box isn’t inherently bad.

But thinking outside of the box to the extent of bringing in a backup quarterback who potentially got the interview because he’s friends with the team’s executive vice president of football operations?

That doesn’t seem like an inspiring move at all.

The Texans still need to figure out what’s going on with Deshaun Watson. They’re still trying to put together a consistent offense. There are a number of other roster issues that need to be addressed.

This team is a mess.

And it seems unlikely that McCown is the right guy to lead this team as it works through all of that.

Maybe bringing McCown in as an assistant coach could help straighten out the offensive issues. The team has already interviewed him twice. The folks in the front office are familiar with what he brings to the table. Maybe that’s what they’ve got in mind and why they brought him back int. Maybe that familiarity could help the next head coach assemble his staff.

Or maybe this team keeps making moves that force people to scratch their heads.

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