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Look: Bengals fan wins Divisional Round with beer beard

This Cincinnati Bengals fan is here to party with his epic beer beard in the Divisional Round.

If the Cincinnati Bengals well-lubricated fanbase needed a spirit animal, they now have one.

Though Cincinnati has not won a ton historically, no fanbase is better at knocking back cold one after cold one quite like Bengals fans. After winning their first playoff game in Joe Burrow’s lifetime last week, they are one win away from doing something they have never done: Win a road playoff game. For those who made the trek to Nashville, Who Dey Nation just might drink it dry.

There are playoff beards and there are playoff drinking beards. When you can grow a beard that can hold a six pack on its own, you are a wizard, Harry!

Cincinnati Bengals fan has the greatest playoff beer beard to ever grace Earth

Fellow beardsmen are put to shame with this majestic masterpiece. It makes you want to throw away your Norelco and take a Bic to the dome to get on his level. But let’s be real. No amount of brushing, balms or beard oil are going to turn you patchy something into something this glorious. You can grow what you can grow, but don’t be apologetic about it. Just appreciate this greatness.

Even if you are not painting your face like a tiger because you are not on David Puddy’s level of supporting the local team, you too can aspire to be this elite. It may not be with facial hair, but you can be the biggest fan of your fandom this side of the Mississippi River. Bengals football and drinking may go hand-in-hand, but a beer in the beard is worth two in the bush or … chilling on ice.

If you needed inspiration for your next Halloween custom, put down the razor and pick up a brew.

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